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Swiftie Saagar?

Hey guys! Saagar has recently posted online and said things on the show that suggest he is a Taylor Swift fan. As you guys try to understand and unpack some of the most pressing issues of our day, I just have to ask: Has you always been a fan or did you girlfriend or someone else introduce you to her music? Which is your favorite album (favorite songs from that album) or “Era”? Same for Krystal if she too is a fan, or enjoys her music. (I remember you guys answering a question about music taste very early on in the show, but I can’t remember if this was addressed.)

Independent Media Start

Hi guys, How can a person get started in the independent media space? Was wondering how you both got your start in media and what advice you would give yourselves back then?

Trump 2024 Achilles

If you’re a Trump strategist, what is your plan to win if you can’t win Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, or Georgia? You’ve gone 3 election cycles with poor outcomes there.

Corporate media: things are a lot worse than i thought

Is there a way out of this corporate media mess? Half way this video ( i realized how sophisticated things became. This is clearly advertisement disguised as a short documentary with health workers providing testimony. The red flags are clear: 1/three shots of covid vaccine in a child (we all know now this is scientifically dangerous unless the child has severe underlying issues), 2/masking kids and shutdowns minimized transmission, 3/promoting an upcoming vaccine from Pfizer to prevent RSV. Obviously people are way more cautious about taking covid vaccines unnecessarily, therefore need more fear, uncertainty, and doubt to drive new vaccine revenue. This is atrocious and outrageous. At least Reuters labels advertisement in their news feed, shame on you CNBC.

Saagar's vision of Libertarianism

Saagar: I'm very interested in your take of Libertarianism, melding (what I believe is somewhat on track?) of basic/fundamental ideals of Libertarian thought and social action. I assume it's quite different from that of Ron Paul and that of Rand Paul ... I may be wrong on that, not sure. How would you describe your Libertarian viewpoint and are there books, articles, pamphlets, etc. that I can access? Also, are there current Congressional persons who may have the same thoughts and/or whom you admire no matter their affiliation? Joseph Rosa