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Education is a good in itself

Your segment on higher education was disappointing. Yes, the model of higher education is exploitative. But you both then argue the value of college stems from how well it can enable one to make money. You even said it would be better for it to be a luxury good where the rich can get it. But a pro-working-class attitude would say studying philosophy, politics, art, history -- not necessarily majoring but at least having the chance to take a class -- is a good in itself because we are not merely drones who work for capital. It is not pro-working-class to think working-class should largely be limited to making money and spending their free time consuming food and drink while the rich get to actually think about the human condition, study great works of humanity, and have access to the deep tools of self-improvement as both a human being and a citizen. So my question is: do you not think education should be merit based or do you think it should be determined by money? Because your commentary takes the latter position.

Why so much Israel coverage?

Hey K/S, love the show and been here since the Buck days on Rising, but I'm struggling to continue watching because an increasing percentage of each show seems to be Israel or Israel-adjacent coverage. At times, it's 70% or more of a single show, and a lot of it is just repeated commentary with little or no new developments regarding the conflict. Any insight into why the show is becoming more and more saturated with Israel-Palestine over time is appreciated. Thanks for the work you guys do each week to keep people informed.

Biden Legacy Cleanup Strategy

I'm already sickened by the thought that after Joe Biden passes we'll start seeing hushed interviews with Jill Biden and other confidants saying, “You have no idea how torn up Joe really was over Israel, but…” So framed in retrospection, what additional excuses will everyone make for his blatant and unequivocal support of war crimes?

Politicians who DO see it's genocide.

Thanks for your efforts exposing Israel's genocide. Are there any politicians who do understand what's going on, other than Rashida Tlaib? Do the Palestinian people have ANY allies in Washigton? I imagine there are categories: those who know, but take no action; those who speak out, but still vote for weapons; etc. Thank you Bart Popowski (boomer)

Do you take topic suggestions?

Do you consider requests to look into certain subjects? I would love it if you guys took on USPS and how they continually screw their employees. Love the show!