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Would do think of the side effects of the vaccine? People are reporting paralysis, heart inflammation, and death.

Is The Intercept becoming too establishment?

As Ryan Grim has moved more towards stenography for the Washington establishment and punching down at small leftists on twitter, it has become increasingly difficult to see the two of you share a desk with him. I understand that this is partially due to some deal he has with The Hill. Will Grim and other Intercept reporters continue to be featured in the world of Krystal & Saagar? And if so, will they be pushed on the way they cover topics including the Washington establishment and the OPCW whistleblowers?

First 1,000?

Greedy question: How do we know if we're one of the first 1,000 to sign up?

Ending the filibuster

Do you think Biden will actually weaken or end the filibuster? I've seen some journalists, like Ryan Grim, talk about all of the future battles to test Manchin's commitment to the filibuster and how that could end the cloture rule. I'm skeptical that they'll actually be able to go through with it, but I was surprised at how optimistic he seemed and was wondering if he knew something we don't.

What would it take to convince you that debt does matter?

I know that debt is used as a political hot potato to justify cutting all types of programs. Putting that aside, would it take an all out debt crisis to convince you that debt matters, or are there earlier, less severe indicators that would do the trick?