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Inspire something downunder

I’ve been a follower since Saagar joined the team. What we see here in Oz about US politics is woe-full, so thanks for your approach to providing a nuanced commentary. We need this down under as our own coverage is lacking. How about using your platform to encourage a similar format down here. Good luck with the show, we’ll be watching on the other side of the planet. Cheers.

Best tax policy (LVT)

It's a boring policy wonk area most of the time, but I would be very interested in people having a broader understanding of the Land Value Tax and view Georgism as an ideal populist position. In brief, this tax: - reduces blight - curbs land speculation - encourages quality affordable housing for renters and non-renters alike

Help us Fight the Corporate Rule

This isn't really a question, just a comment/request. I think the majority of the country realizes we are screwed by the corporate rule of this country. What's lacking is a solution to fix this. I truly hope Breaking Points will help with this.

I left after Jan 20th...

I was absolutely riveted by your content for over a year leading up to the election. I was surprised that you both so openly spoke about how politics will “get boring” and everyone will “go back to sleep” after the election, and that Rising would probably lose significant viewership after Trump left office. Then I became that statistic. I’m back because I love both of you and honestly your pitch for this today on Secular Talk was so damn compelling that I had to subscribe to put my middle finger up toward traditional media. So here's the question (finally): what will you do to engage with folks like me though the politically boring seasons? Would you have done anything differently on Rising in the lead up to the inauguration had you been in full control like you are now? Thanks. Much love from Utah!

Jimmy Dore

Will you bring Jimmy Dore on now?