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Creative Process for Each Show

Hey guys- Absolutely love what you're doing with the show, which quickly became by number one spot for news and analysis! I'm curious what goes into writing, researching and developing each show? For instance, when do you write your monologues and how long do you usually spend on each one? I can imagine plenty of interesting ideas and news stories hit the cutting room floor.


Awesome work. Can’t always watch it all. Any chance of getting a 20 minute headline show to accompany your in-depth analysis?

A real budget?

Love the show, thanks for all you both do. When was the last time Congress passed a real budget instead of this continuous parade of CRs? Any chance we will see a real budget passed before 2024?

Endorsing Candidates in Midterms

Hi! Big fan of the show! I am wondering if you’ll be endorsing different candidates for Senate or House with the upcoming midterms. I’m guessing it would be during your respective monologues. Thanks! Andrew

Charter Schools

I've noticed that part of Krystal's run for congress was support for charter schools. Id like to know more about what makes these an alternative worth pursuing, or if Krystal's opinion has moved.