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Endorsing Candidates in Midterms

Hi! Big fan of the show! I am wondering if you’ll be endorsing different candidates for Senate or House with the upcoming midterms. I’m guessing it would be during your respective monologues. Thanks! Andrew

Charter Schools

I've noticed that part of Krystal's run for congress was support for charter schools. Id like to know more about what makes these an alternative worth pursuing, or if Krystal's opinion has moved.

America at it's best

Hello Krystal and Saagar huge fan of the show! In your opinion what does this country look like at it's best and how do you think we can use that to get out of the dark place we are in now?

Tulsi Gabbard and the Science of Identity Foundation

Greetings! Thank ya'll for doing whatcha do. I've noticed even you guys don't bring up Science of Identity Foundation (SIF) when discussing Tulsi Gabbard. SIF is the cult founded by Chris Butler as a supposed Hare Krishna offshoot. This cult has big influence in Hawaiian politics and Tulsi Gabbard is by far their most prominent member. They do a pretty good job of scrubbing info about themselves but there's plenty to find if you go digging. I guess this is more of a segment request than a question but cheers!

Can I give you some information you'd likely find valuable?

Definitely being shameless, but... well... Ask ME anything Instead of asking a question, I offer information. Information which I can provide without violating HIPAA or moral obligation to my profession and to my patients. I am a Registered Nurse (RN, Bachelor's of Science in Nursing, Public Health Nurse certified), working in San Francisco CA at an Isolation & Quarantine site (a hotel). Yep, Omicron land (hopefully not!). I believe in my job, and that it is one of the best resources available (though increasingly less available) to control the spread of COVID and its variants in a highly dense, metropolitan area. (DISCLAIMER: this is not to 'lobby' for my specific profession... it is difficult work that I don't intend to be doing for years on end, and is likely not to last regardless... but it does work) My job vacillates between busiest, most insane work ever... to somewhat mellow when COVID isn't as big of a concern. My record is 67 patients at one time, often with just me running the ship as a solo nurse with 2-3 non-medical staff workers. Because of our patient population, we are also a very Harm Reduction-centered application of health care. This is in regards to involving police (we try to avoid their involvement) and to respect the personal space of patients as much as we safely can. I would argue we don't go about our work in a way that limits patient's rights, though that is difficult to navigate and therefore difficult to say w/ full conviction. It's a lot to discuss, but it is a patient-first approach, firs and foremost. We work with many substance use and mental health patients. Homelessness is a huge problem in San Francisco, but most of our population of patients are decent people in numerous bad situations. I have stories that I could share under HIPAA, and "insider" info on the interconnections of cartels, patients, homeless, fentanyl, heroin's decline, alcohol, comorbidities and their interconnectedness generally, or relative to COVID, variant difficulties, and numerous other subjects.. Just before my time, I heard of some seriously concerning situations and death tolls when they started providing "Shelter In Place" hotels (SIPS) to the homeless... all in attempts to prevent COVID. Isolation/Quarantine is different, and learned a lot from SIP failures. To my knowledge, we've had no deaths on site The labor situation with RNs is EXTREMELY interesting recently, and I don't just mean Kaiser and RNs leaving in droves generally, nor do I mean the mandate (that's not a prob for most RNs around here, none that I know). I have several tips if you would be interested. Here's a tease: how much do you think travel RNs are being paid over hospital RNs right now? This situation will astound you, I guarantee. I often have a lot of "common sense" public health perspective to offer the everyday American. I agree the constant flip-flop is confusing and frustrating, but it's easier to make sense of while knowing how under-supported the public health departments and goals have been for decades. Please feel free to utilize any info you have on me for contact if you were ever interested. I have a unique position where I feel it is safe to share inner workings, on the ground in real time, without violating patient rights. I got info and I got stories... I heard another story from a friend who drove by Travis Air Force base as the original covid cruise ships were coming back in... interesting stuff. I could also talk forever about hospital dynamics, power in medicine, the current state of nursing in education and how that relates to training on the job (or lack of it), on and on and on... there's a LOT of crazy stuff to discuss when you dig in to these topics. Hit me up if you're interested, and... KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK, K, S, and BP crew!! <3 -Scott Dammit, RN