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what does Redemption for Andrew Yang look like?

I am a die-hard Andrew Yang fan, watch all of his content, and virtually every interview. I respected his honesty and I agreed with his policies. After the Isreal comments, he lost that honesty factor in my eyes and I think Krystal's too. Can he ever regain that trust and what does that look like?

Where does Krystal get her outfits from?

Hey guys! I’m incredibly excited about this new endeavor of yours, and since I have the opportunity now as a subscriber, I just wanted to ask a bit of a more light-hearted question. Namely, I wanted to inquire about Krystal’s attire, given that I would like to take inspiration with regards to my own wardrobe. Good luck to the two of you!

BOMBSHELL Research on Wall Street's Systemic Fraud, Manipulation, and Corruption

Guys you HAVE to read this independent research. It originates from the GameStop saga but is about the entire house of cards that is the stock market. This needs exposure. I don't have twitter or else I'd be tweeting it at you. Worth the read!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS. SO HAPPY TO BE ABLE TO FINANCIALLY SUPPORT THE TEAM This link will bring you to the post.

Left - Right Economic Populist bridge

During the primaries "we" had talked about some similar messaging between the left and right. Since then we have seen Sanders and Hawley join forces on the $2k check amendment. Ossoff now cosponsoring Hawley's amendment concerning trafficked labor use. Considering the complete void of leftist leadership, is there a realistic path to a left-right econ populist bridge? Can an economic bill of rights, anti-censorship, and anti-imperialism take the main stage in coalition building and set aside differences for the greater good?

Alternatives to Tax Abatements?

Alternatives to local and state tax abatements, from a progressive viewpoint