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Decentralizing Journalism

Going off of what many (like Balaji Srinivasan and Naval) have been saying already, it seems that you two have been leading the way with the decentralization of journalism. How do you see the media landscape changing in the next 10 years and do you think that big legacy institutions are in trouble?

What Topics Were You Blocked From Discussing on The Hill?

The trend seems to be many Youtubers moving over to Patreon or a subscription model, which makes sense to form a consistent revenue stream. That is a great reason to move over to this model. However, were there any topics you were blocked from expanding upon or discussing during your tenure on The Hill which led you to this model?

A burning question...

So, this may seem silly but Saagar’s tie game is always on point. My question is, when selecting or purchasing a tie what catches his eye? Also, any tie suggestions or brands? Love you guys and glad to be a supporter of this great team! So proud of y’all!!


The panels you had on Rising were refreshing and educational from both sides. Will you be bringing together similar panels to discuss topics on Breaking Points?

Can independent media sources consolidate in ways that improve its overall impact

As the subscription model for independent media grows, users are faced with increasing costs to follow and access content from providers. Have you thought about working with other independent media sources to work out a way to create sources that incorporate a multitude of voices and mediums under one subscription? And in the absence of collaboration, where do you see this space in a few years? Will we just create independent echo chambers as people make their choices and only follow the few they can afford. Or will the amount of free content that continues to be available be sufficient to allow for a multitude of sources.