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With your anniversary coming up.. have you met your year one goals?

What were your goals and have you met/failed/exceeded them for year one? What are your goals going forward? What do you think about changing/improving? Do you feel that you will be around for the long haul now?

How many UFO stories does Krystal have to shoot down every week?

I assume Saagar is trying to sneak one in every chance he gets. :)

Interview Michael Shellenberger!

Marshall interviewed Michael Shellenberger about nuclear energy back in March. Saagar has been talking about nuclear energy more and more lately Saagar referred to Shellenberger's book San Fransicko in a recent discussion on drug policy Shellenberger is running as an independent against Gavin Newsome for CA governer. This story has Breaking Points written all over it! -Shellenberger is respected by the hosts - nuclear energy - third parties and open primaries - Gavin Newsome is a tool. I hope you can get him on the show before the primary!!

Krystal doesn't need to shoot down alien stories

Somebody asked how many times Krystal has to shoot down Saagar's alien stories. My guess is she doesn't really need to because from what I can tell, the topic is only addressed on Breaking Point when there's a shift in the overtone window (i.e. congressional hearings or reports) that allows the topic to be brought up in a way where people can't accuse Saagar of being a nutjob. It's how I'd go about it anyways. I also recognize that whoever asked that question was probably making a joke.

Anonymous political parties

I recommend setting a custom RSS feed through Feedly that keeps track of the following boolean keyword search: anonymous AND "political party". Rationale: Eventually somebody in a position of power will realize that they can challenge the system successfully by setting up a political party where members can participate anonymously and where candidates are chosen a full blind voting process or one that's some type of public-blind hybrid.