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Independent journalism overview

Hey guys, I love your work. But more to the point, your work, in my view, is very important. Independent journalism is critical if our society is to avoid fascism, barbarism, an ecological apocolypse, etc., etc. With that in mind, could you guys run a segment that gave your viewers an overview of the independent journalists that are out there, and characterize their quality and orientation. A separate piece detailing Matt Taibi's recent history would be a fascinating segment in itself. I realize this is a big ask, but everything most us know and think comes via journalists, real and far too often so-called.

Did Trump short his own stock?

The DJT stock is obviously a grift but was Trump smart enough to play some crazy 5D chess and short his own stock? What kind of additional trouble could he make for himself if he colluded through individuals and shell companies to short the stock? He must’ve have known that the price was not going to the moon and he could make more money shorting it.

Book List/Book Club

Hey Krystal and Saggar, I appreciate the quality and integrity of news you bring to the news community. I have noticed that you regularly change the books on the bookshelves behind your desk and on Counter-Points show. Would it be possible for you to list the book titles you currently have on your bookshelves in the description and show notes? Additionally, have you ever considered hosting a monthly or quarterly book club?

Does Biden think war would be a political gain?

Despite Biden's public tut-tuting of Israel's bombings of Gaza and Iranian Embassy in Damascus, Do you think it is possible that Biden really wants to parallel Netanyahu for an actual direct war with Iran, cynically thinking it would shore up his political support for his re-election?


Been a listener for over two years now, big fan of the show. It's tough out there financially from inflation and everyone is feeling it. I make decent money and I am struggling with everything! Why help other countries when the people are hurting here and big companies are recording record profits. Is there anything or any cause I can get behind to prevent this from escalating further? I feel like the American people are losing control at an alarming rate.