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Is there any way Krystal can stop saying vis-à-vis? I’d pay 11 dollars a month for a version free of it. It’s been a go-to ever since October 7th. I don’t know why it’s become this popular ‘intellectual’ thing to say. It’s so utterly pretentious and does not advance the point. #ENDvis-à-vis

Video access

Why are clips released on FB before they're available to me as premium subscription holder....what am I paying for...

Why the late posting of the teaser & show?

I've been listerning to the announcement for a new and improved for weeks... Just focus on getting the show posted on time!

Gas Prices

Hey Breaking Points Gang, Gas prices seem to be going up again and from look at a recent white house press conference, Biden administration seems to act like it's not a big deal. It's back to $5 a gallon here in LA when it was just 4.5 and in some places 4.35 about a month ago. I just wanted to know from you guys whats the scoop? Is this due to just greedy corporate inflation again Love the Show Davey Cummings from LA

Pro Israel Guest

I am a long time listener and supporter. We have certainly heard plenty of pro-Palestinian sentiment from Breaking Points. Why have you not had the counterpoint on the show? I would urge you to bring on a guest like Douglas Murray or Sam Harris. Also, some constructive criticism for Krystal… try to remove the sarcasm and condescension from your reporting when covering this topic. It is extremely off putting.