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Would you ever help advocate to get RFK and other independents better ballot access?

I know that both of you don't ever talk about who someone should vote for. But would you ever push for a campaign to help someone get ballot access? For example, collecting money or promoting a campaign for ballot access. Would that be considered a conflict or sign of endorsement?

Invite USC valedictorian Asna Tabassum on for an interview

Invite USC valedictorian Asna Tabassum on for an interview and give us some spicey content.

Why are conservatives so anti-education?

Sagaar dismissed Pan-African Studies outright on 15Apr24, and Emily rejected the conclusion of the subject matter expert on Middle East Studies without engaging in the argument itself (17Apr24). These are two examples in the same week, not a representative sample on their own, but illustrative of my experience. Nothing prevents a person from learning quite like thinking they already know the answer. Both of these BP presenters (anchors?) are very skilled in their areas of expertise and would, I would assume, balk at a lay person's perception of a task well executed being "easy". Why then is the same curtesy not extended to academics?

Karen Read Murder Case ( Internal Corruption and silencing independant media)

I was curious if you have taken note of the Karen Read case out of Canton Massachusetts? This case seems to have everything from a corrupt justice system framing someone for the murder of a Boston Police Officer. They are just starting the court case after a year of evidence showing the possibility of a police department cover up and framing a innocent women. What really made think this would be a good case for you to cover is that this was brought to light by a local journalist TurtleBoy News who has been fighting the justice system for being silenced as he has brought the facts of this case brought to light. I was curious as to your positions in this case but also the fight against a independant journalist whose own independant work is being shot down to keep status quo? This feels like a Spotlight type case but the journalism is being silenced because it's not the all mighty Boston Globe.

Invite Asna Tabassum, USC Valedictorian, onto Breaking Points or Counter Points

Would you please invite Asna Tabssum onto your program? I would love to hear her speech as well as to have her interviewed by you all.