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Barstool Bill Cotter’s run for congress in NY

Hi Krystal and Saagar, I am curious if you have been following the NY congressional run of Bill Cotter of Barstool Sports. He is running in the GOP primary but has so far been kept off the ballot. As someone who does not normally follow local political races closely, I have been shocked to watch how our country’s political system operates in real time. Thank you.

Head of State Movie

Have any of you seen the 2004 Chris Rock movie "Head of State"? What are your thoughts on it? GILLIAM 2004!

Can you find a rotation for Robbie?

Can you please replace Robbie with someone subjective? It's refreshing to have multiple viewpoints but he often talks about his feelings and sometimes he just can't control himself. It would be nice to hear from someone who can make a valid position with data points. I see him behaving like this on Breaking Points but his performance in The Hill video below is unacceptable.

American Camelot

What is your take on the notion that the United States of America as the fabled "shining city on a hill"? Of course, it's facile to point out that America has always been a nation with flaws. On the other hand, I think anyone who wants the US to serve as an example for how other nations should act is, by necessity, embracing that same narrative. Even if the US doesn't actually embody the ideal upon which all other nations should model themselves, I think that most Americans still want it to be. Recently, for obvious reasons, lots of people are paying more attention to the era of JFK's presidency. Some people have referred to JFK's administration as "Camelot," meaning it was a legendary example of the good that America is capable of. Maybe it's because I'm a huge fantasy nerd, but that idea really intrigues me. The idea of American Exceptionalism is also tied up in this question. To what extent do you think that the US is, could be, or should be, separated from other nations by a commitment to liberal principles of democracy, freedom for the individual, and on?

Krystal vs Brendan O’Neill

I was listening to the Rogan podcast where he had Brendan O’Neill on. Brendan made so many hypocritical excuses for why Israel is committing a genocide in Gaza. While Joe tried to bring up some legitimate viewpoints on how Brendan is vastly one sided, he is not equipped to break through that douche-canoe’s head. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t yell at the radio while listening to the BS rationale for killing innocents in Gaza while what Hamas did was a racist attack. Please have him on for a debate with Krystal as I need to hear someone eviscerate this pompous assclown. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻