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Decentralized News

First I would like to thank you two for the service you all are doing. I see you two as a product of need for true decentralized media in this country. With the suppression of free speech from YouTube and other social media (out right and indirect) do you you two see yourself moving more to a DAPP video streaming if crypto is more widely adopted?


Hey Saagar, I appreciate the research and depth of interest you bring to so many of your topics, but you hit a really misinformed note when talking about Hayes and Goldberg claiming to be the real face of true Republicans. It seems you haven't listened to much of them in the past 5 years (not surprising given your feelings on them) but their entire position is that they are NOT with the Republican party, that they're politically homeless in this 2-party system. They're still *conservatives* because that's a governing philosophy, but your statements to them that "you don't get to decide - the voters decide!" was just pretty misleading and misinformed. I forcefully disagree with about half of the takes on Breaking Points, but I'm a day 1 subscriber and regular listener because I respect your integrity and appreciate hearing your views. Thanks, and please keep up the coverage of Ghislaine Maxwell and the network of power players that boosted and enabled Jeffrey Epstein's crimes!

If youtube sucks - why not Rumble?

I think the title is the question?

Oil Market Pushback

Want to push back a little on your oil market segment - love the show. I work in the oil and gas trading business and looking at the DOE words vs. what happened - oil up to $79 bucks after the announcement…why? Cause the same way buy the rumor sell the news is how hedge funds make there $$, same work in the futures markets, and since shorting is wildly easier than with equites, sell the rumor buy the news runs the show. The Biden admin has been BIG talk, only to offer up 80M offshore acres last week, and re allowing federal drilling. This move in my eyes hurts them more in the long run, the supply chain shortage still plagues the transportation of these products and 50M bbl won’t do the trick. This news was met with buy buy buy from my clients as they expected way worse. To really damped oil prices - we need to unleash American oil sitting underneath instead of begging Saudi to pump more Love the show - recent subscriber, thanks for having this platform.

Progressives had a tough electoral year, except maybe one...

Despite a really rough year in electoral politics for progressive hopefuls, Michelle Wu the newly elected Mayor of Boston won her race on largely ideological lines. Wu stood her ground on a progressive agenda despite an opponent claiming she had 'pie in the sky' goals and couldn't accomplish anything. Mayor Wu is also committed to making Boston the first Green New Deal city. Mayor Wu was able to turn out young people and create the multi-generational, multi-racial working class coalition that the Left fantasizes about. So the question is: why does MSM pretend like the victory is not good enough?