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What, in your opinion, will be the biggest risks/rewards of the republicans (most likely) whooping ass in the midterms?

Start a New Party, What’s the platform?

Recently I posted a list of changes that I felt must occur for the Federal government to be representative of the people and to make any progress. Krystal & Saagar working together, what are the top five actions or issues that you would prescribe as a party’s core platform? Call it the Breakers Party maybe…

How do I watch live?

Can't seem to find out how to watch the show live.


Why is there a blackout in the main stream media regarding the massive anti vax-passport (green pass) protests taking place is Australia, Austria, Italy, etc.? Kinda makes you wonder what else the MSM is “omitting” on this topic and how they control/limit the narrative with those glaring omissions.

Tragic Death of Major Ian Fishback

There's been some coverage of it, so you may be aware but I just wanted to highlight the news that Major Ian Fishback, US Army, died recently at the age of 42. He wrote a letter to John McCain that revealed systematic abuses of prisoners by the 82nd Airborne Division in Iraq. His letter eventually led to the passage of the Detainee Treatment Act. After leaving the Army, he battled with mental illness and was seemingly failed by the VA and not properly treated. Although the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are over, I think the news of Major Fishback's death should remind us that thousands of veterans still suffer from the costs of war and the lack of help they receive from the government.