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How is the order of lifetime subscribers at the end of the video decided?

It seems to change from video to video.

Surveillance in our vehicles?

I'm curious to know what y'all think about the provision in the infrastructure bill which states that they will be implementing technology into everyone's vehicles by 2025 that will monitor us for our alcohol levels. I've read many articles in car magazines about it as they seem to be the only ones who are covering it. The idea of infrared sensors on our steering wheels or cameras that watch us while we drive seems incredibly authoritarian.

Holiday/Family Subscription Package

Is there any way you guys could offer a family subscription package for the holidays? I know I can gift individual subscriptions to people, but I'd love to give the gift of unbiased news to my whole family for Christmas. A discounted rate for the subscription like they have with the Spotify family plan would be awesome!

Lost my Dad to Fox News

Hi K & S, As time has gone on, I’ve realized that many members of my family are allowing themselves to be too heavily influenced by MSM. My Dad is lost to Fox News/Tucker Carlson and thus has a warped idea about what is happening in the country. My Aunt & Uncle have MSNBC liberal brain-worms lol. No disrespect to them, but I find it so incredibly frustrating, and near impossible to have reasonable conversations with any of them. They are all so angry, and it is hard to break through. I’m sure others are experiencing this as well. What advice can you share? I’ve tried showing my Dad some of your YouTube clips but I don’t think he watches them. Thank you for all that you do! Melissa

Would universal healthcare alleviate vaccine skepticism?

Hey guys, I remember Michael Brendan Dougherty mentioning that one way that the UK was able to promote the vaccine was through its population having more attachment to their national healthcare system. At the time I fully agreed with that statement and I still would agree that it plays a role. However, I’m wondering what you guys think about the low rates of military vaccination. Since the vaccine mandates, there has been an uptick, but according the the Washington Post, as of October, the active duty marine’s only had about a 75% vaccination rate. The marine reserves were around 35.5%. These are individuals with regular physicals, arguably the most universal healthcare styled system in the US and have all received plenty of other vaccines. I am wondering if America’s strong libertarian sentiments, relative to Europeans, were something that you guys think could overcome even a universal healthcare system’s power to engage with the population.