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Defense Department announces new UFO task force

Hi Saagar Just read this article. In the context they are using, what exactly is a "safety of flight issue?" Thanks James

Sources Archive

I’ve been tuning into y’all since early rising days. Really love the work y’all do. I was wondering if a primary source archive good be added to the site? Would love to be able to go back and reference different stories and topics rather than sifting through past episodes hoping I find what I’m looking for. Thanks, -Prague-based expat

"Is this racist for me to ask..."

"Is this racist for me to ask..." asked Krystal as she started to ask a question related to Sagaar's family traditions on the Thanksgiving day episode. My question: As a genuinely curious person who wants to make connections with people and learn (as it seems Krystal was here), what is the appropriate way to ask a question to someone "not like you"? In this case Krystal had to out herself as a potential racist to broach the subject and seemingly was going to ask the question but then thought first to ask the setup question to first gain permission to ask the real question of Sagaar's family traditions. Whether it's race, religion, sexual orientation...etc. it seems like a minefield to navigate and, in observing my own actions, I do/say nothing and ultimately I believe good connection are lost and less information is shared and we retreat to people who are "like us" where we can talk openly. Every day I see Dylan at the coffee shop, Dylan looks like female who is identifying as a male. I'm genuinely curious and see Dylan every day and Dylan hands me a coffee and my dog a "treat" in the form of a quarter of a donut. It's the highlight of my morning. I never know is it okay to ask? Inappropriate, etc? I often want to know more about the people around me but as a white suburban Christian male, I often just keep quiet because I fear my honest approach will be inappropriate or received poorly and I'll do more harm than good. Help. Tim

Origins of COVID

I appreciate all the coverage you have done to date on the origins of COVID and wanted to shared the following link to a conversation hosted by a Canadian think tank with the two authors of "Viral: The Search for the Origin of COVID-19" that you may find of interest.

Pipeline conflict in BC, Canada

Would you cover this story at some point... those folks are being invaded and beaten the eff down and there needs to be a bright light shone on the Imperial Stormtroopers (this time its RCMP) doing the violence. Thx (to you and all the crew) :)