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Sir Lanka

What is your opinion on the crisis in Sri Lanka? If Sri Lanka collapses could that have a similar effect that Greece’s bankruptcy had in the late 2000s? How much is this China’s fault from the drastically terrible downsides of the belt and road agreements that these third world countries agree to? Will this be a signal to others to become more hesitant to cooperate with China?

Besides Biden, who are the SERIOUS Presidential Candidates for 2024

After watching your segment on the Gas Tax Idiocy today, I am very frustrated by the Biden administration as well as the entire democratic party. I have moved to becoming an Independent ever since I became a premium subscriber. Ok, which presidential candidates in 2024 should we be following who actually understand the people, economics? My pick is Bernie Sanders!

Austrian School of Economics

With absolute admiration, I have a sight criticism. Inflation, interest rates, hard money, cantillion effect, state ineffectiveness. Simple/ understandable answers are available Would you be interested in having an Austrian economist on? Bob Murphy, Tom Woods or really any of the LP Mises Caucus. They are all excellent. Love y’all love the show. Johnny O

Press Secretary Rankings

I'm curious how Krystal and Saagar would evaluate all of Biden and Trump's Press Secretaries.

Supreme Court Coverage

I know you guys will cover the Gun and Probably abortion case, but as someone who follows the court closely, I think the audience could really stand to have a fuller picture of what the court is doing on a more regular basis. For instance a few recent cases with major impacts to average working class people Patel v Garland: you can be wrongfully deported due to government error and you cannot bring evidence to prove your claim (5-4 Gorsuch dissented) Shinn v Ramirez: the state can provide you inadequate representation which causes you to be wrongfully convicted and you cannot provide evidence that state was wrong (Barry Jones is set to be executed despite his innocence being proven in federal court) Egbert v Boule: a federal agent can violate your 4th amendment rights and you cannot sue them for damages Shoop v Tywford: If you have need to get a medical test done to provide evidence that your sentence is cruel and unusual, the state has no obligation to allow you to do so Vega v Tokoh: if the state fails to mirandize you, you cannot sue the state for damages resulting from harm caused by Constitutional violations. This is all in the passed month and is all being undercovered as a result of Roe/Gun cases. I love when you guys bring to light under the radar coverage, and I think it would be cool to talk about the implications for regular people who are slowly losing their rights.