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Main stream "adjacent", not alternative

Why do you use the main stream/US militarist rhetorical device of perosnalizing the fights the US power elite picks with other countries. You act as if the struggle going on in Ukraine vs. Russian Federal Republic boils down to one individual, one all-powerful evil individual, PUTIN. You choose to ignore the fact that Putin is the figurehead of the Russian Government and that Putin is responsible to the Russian state apparatus, such as the Russian Security Council and the Duma. Both Putin and the Duma repesentatives are elected officials. Why do you insist on using the US empire's line that all this began and ends with Putin. This allows you to be "main stream adjacent", you take your lead from whatever points art being parroted by the MSM, which takes it's lead from the State Dep't and the Dep't of War. I don't think this is your intent, to parrot state dep't talking points, with the same mindlessness and servility as the MSM. But what you do in practice is parrot the talking points, repackaged in a more sophisticacted way. That 'sophistication' serves the same master as the MSM. Saagar used to have behind him on set, prominently positioned, "Manufacturing Consent". I assert you should re-read that book. Here is a quick list of the issues you have consigned to the memory hole: The war in Ukraine started in 2014, not 2022, with the US backed coup in Ukraine. The Ukraine state appartus then declared the Russian speaking, largely Russian ethnic, eastern population, terrorists and launced a war against the breakaway republics. This war racked up some 15,000 casualties, from the Uke military attacks on the civilian population. Attacks which have again intensified, with the Uke military now using its US supplied weapons to shell wholly civilian targets. Down the memory hole. Who came into power with the coup? Neo-NAZIs and ultranationalists. Though small in number, compared to the overall population, they are organized, armed and have not hesitated to use violence to further their aims. That the ultranationalists have sought to expunge Russian language and culture from Ukraine is down the memory hole. That the Uke regime has banned all political parties and media outlets not contolled by the Neo-Nazis/Ultranationlists is down the memory hole. Nary a word about the Minsk Accords--which should have had the force of int' law and they were ratified by the UN Security Council. The Uke gov took not one step toward implementing the Minsk Accords. Down the memory hole. Former Uke Pres Petro Poroshenko recently said that the Uke regime never had any intent of full filling its obligations under the Minsk Accords. He said the Accords were used as a tool to gather time to allow the US/NATO to build up and train huge numbers of Uke military forces. Down the memory hole. Russia did assist the break away republics after the 2014 assault on them by the Neo-NAZI infused Uke military. But Russia supplied far less help than what is claimed by US propagandists and the fact that the brunt of the fighting against the Uke regime was done by the breakaway republics militias, which got some assistance and leadership through the Russian gov. Down the memory hole. That in the current war, a huge amount of the fighting against the Uke military has been done by the Donetsk and Lugansk militias. Down the memory hole. Why have you never featured any of the genuinely alternative voices that have reported on the Uke situation and the war? Why is the massacre of peaceful, any NAZI/Ultra-Nationalists in Odessesa down the memory hole? Why do we never hear from people on the ground, who don't work for the MSM, suck as Patrick Lawrence, Eva Bartlett and Phillip Graham and more? There is a long list of alt sources, such as The Duran, The Driezen Report, Robert Barnes, Scott Ritter, Gonzalo Lira (in Karkiv), Douglas McGregor, Ray McGovern, John Mearshier, The New Atlas, Moon of Alabama (actually ex-German military atillery, now in US) and pro-Uke alt sources such as Millenium 7 and History Legends. The list of thoughtful analysts from many angles is availble, including people who are and have been on the ground, yet like the MSM, you have ignored them. Is your claim to serving your listnership really borne out by your ignoring all these sources, which, right, left, pro or no, have one unifying characteristic: They don't parrot State and War Dep't talking points and are either cut out entirely, or near totally. There is more that could be said, but it comes down to whether you are satisfied with being a higher quality voice for the empire and its machinations or are you trying to arm your listnership with the info that allows them to be better citizens, and not just passive consumers of what ever is flowing out of some media source. Finally, I appreciate your coverage of labor struggles and how the economy and fiscal/monetary policy is rigged. Even if I disagree with this or that, I can still learn something from your work, as long as you are not 'pulling punches' and engaging is self-censorship. Yours truly, Tony Sustak Arron Mate's father has an intereting take: Is it better to be Il-lusioned of Dis-illusioned?

Independent/Write-In Campaigns

Why don’t progressive challengers run 3rd party campaigns when they lose primaries? In particular why won’t Jessica Cisneros mount an independent run against Cuellar? I don’t see what there is to loose. Cuellar is on the wrong side of every issue progressives care about. You can’t “spoil” an election if both candidates are going to vote the same way on climate, unions, abortion, etc.

Krystal HBO Show

Krystal, HBO offers you your own show with almost complete creative control. Would you leave Breaking Points? If you were able to do both, would you. Saagar, how would you react to Krystal getting such an offer? How would you feel Saagar if Krystal left to do a big production?

Post Roe v. Wade overruling question

Krystal and Saagar do you believe that another law be passed to ensure men bear equal responsibility for pregnancies? Using DNA as verification, paternity for every embryo should be established and the male responsible obliged by law to support the woman and child through the child’s majority-medical costs, living costs, education-all the costs a father normally assumes for his child?

Second question for Post Roe v. Wade overrule

Will this have an effect on past cases such as contraceptive's, same sex marriage, who we can and cannot marry? (Ex. Loving v. Virginia, Brown v. Board of Education)