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Have your dog in the show!

Saagar: You have mentioned walking your dog a couple of times; you should have him/her on the show!

progressive movements destroyed by woke internal struggles

This seems to be a phenomena happening in many places. Recently in Canada, our Green Party as fallen into turmoil and is on the brink of collapse, seemingly over accidental improper pronoun use. There are further allegations of systemic racism, transphobia, sexism etc. Why is it that any progressive movement or initiative seems to get destroyed by these issues? It is so incredibly disheartening to watch your only hope for a political party to actually care about a sustainable and equitable future, to then tear itself apart from the inside. Is there no way to see the bigger picture so we can fight against big money in politics and the ever increasing wealth divide? It feels like many reasonable people are forced to choose the 'lesser evil' party because any movement that would actually do something falls apart. It all feels so hopeless!

Home Depot

I’m a Home Depot employee and I truly believe that this company lives it’s values by putting our store / front line associates first. Listening to Vince’s comments I was appalled at a call to unionize. I don’t oppose unions, but at THD, we have an open door policy and issues are resolved by speaking directly with regional managers (RMMs) or others. Plus Vince misquoted how big a company we are. We are not 300B (although that’s a goal), we are 150B. I feel these are very specific one-store related issues and do not reflect all 200 THD stores in general. I would ask Vince to escalate these issues to corporate. But unionization, which may be a legit solution in other companies is a rather silly recourse in the case of THD. K&S - Do you agree there are exceptions for unionization if a corporate actually values compassionate capitalism v raw greed? BTW - it was a pleasure seeing you guys in ATL - THD HQ. Best wishes, as always, but I disagree with you guys on this one.

Featuring 3rd party coverage on breaking points

As an independent news coverage show, wouldn't it be great to feature more 3rd party and independent party coverage as the election cycle heats up. I have written off the 2 major parties and I would like more information on alternatives. Not looking for koolaid coverage just the pros and cons on alternatives.

Serious Question about Car Culture

Saagar, your point about this country not asking serious questions was a good one. I also hear you defend car-culture as being American. My question is what would we do as a country if car-culture, and suburbia, was causing all municipalities to become bankrupt? Would this a federal problem or a widespread local problem? There is a policy group, Strong Towns, that are talk about this topic in a serious manner. This podcast,, might be a good entry point because it discusses many of their nuanced views through the lens of the Jackson water crisis. As a civil engineer, these guys are very critical of engineers and I agree with a lot of their critiques. I wish we, as a country, were able to talk the affects of our development model in a critical way instead of immediately defending the single family home as a display of wealth. This might not be directly applicable to DC but maybe College Station.