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Matt Jorgenson: Housing/student loans

Hi I’m a 28 year old with $10,000 left in student debt and am currently a renter in Milwaukee, WI with hopes to buy soon. Do you two think that if the courts uphold President Biden’s debt cancelation, that homeownership would rise amongst millennials like me?

Different Perspectives as Business Owners?

Now that Breaking Points has completed a full calendar year and 18 months in total, I’m wondering if being business owners has changed your perspectives on anything? When I made the leap from a salaried worker to a small business owner my perspectives about taxes, regulations, and business ownership in general changed. Have you experienced something similar? Love your show. Thank you for having the courage to build something amazing!

Breaking Points Newsletter

Have you all considered a newsletter with your monologues written out? Given they are already scripted, I'd imagine it would be pretty easy to draft out the content. Email based newsletters seem to be getting quite popular and could be a growth opportunity to an untapped audience.

Entitlement reform and generational wealth gap

As a millennial, I've been constantly told from a young age that social security would not be around by the time I am old enough to collect it. Now that entitlement reform is likely to make a return to public discourse, I was reminded of material published by you and your partners that highlighted ways in which older generations have shaped policy to protect their own wealth at the expense of opportunities for younger generations. Home ownership is particularly concerning. How do you think these two topics are related? Can you give your perspective on what might happen to Social Security and Medicare without reforms? Are there any reforms that you support?

Best things to do in D.C.!

Hey guys, my wife wants to take me on a trip to celebrate my law school graduation in May. We have talked about visiting D.C. in the past and think this may be the perfect excuse to do so. What are your favorite things to do or see in D.C.? Restaurants, museums, monuments, anything random off the beaten path? Thanks in advance, love Austin and Emily.