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When's the wedding, Krystal?!

Hi Krystal and Saagar! Love the show. Thanks for your honest, thorough, and good faith reporting. I noticed Krystal, you started wearing an engagement ring a few months ago. Congratulations! When is the wedding and what are you going to wear?!

Insider revelations

Hey guys! I was struck with a thought when I heard you both describing how things work behind the scenes in the main stream media. Instead of just talking about it in the AMA, have you considered either incorporating it into a regular episode or releasing a special video? I think if people knew that the MSM was pushing their guests to parrot partisan talking points and heavily restricting the topics and points of view discussed by anchors and guests alike it would be extremely beneficial. They're actively breaking the country apart for ad dollars and the pleasure of their rich owners. People should know! It might go viral and change people's media consumption habits. What say you? Double dog dare!

Workers Uniting

There was lots of change in the labor world over the past year. It was strengthened by new work forces joining like Amazon and Starbucks. Which work sector needs to band together next to continue this change? I'm hoping for medical residents.


Do you think that when you make your fairly regular snide comments about Boomers you might be displaying the same reductionist tendency to blame "the other" as you correctly note and criticize in biases people display towards other groups? I like the work you do, but as a 68 year-old premium subscriber to your podcast, I resent your lumping everyone of a particular generation together so indiscriminately.

Is there a red line for 2-party duopoly?

Is there anything that the Democrats could do, that would motivate Krystal to support measures beyond incrementalism? So far we've seen rigged primaries, anti-union votes, pro-war votes, no healthcare improvement during medical emergency, exposed media manipulation, rampant campaign finance corruption; what else would it take?