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What do you think of Snowden and Redacted belief that the UfO story is a deliberate distraction from the revelation that the US blew up thepipeline?

2024 rep announcement- whose was the best

Hi Krystal and Saagar! Saw you guys in Chicago and have been a longtime listener- love you guys! I am wondering, out of all of the 2024 Republican presidential election announcements, which one do you think was the most effective or the best one? We all def joke about the “I don’t kick sideways” Haley or the Desantis Twitter space fiasco, but am wondering with all current nominees included who you think had the most effective opening,

Strauss-Howe Generational Theory

I saw that someone else asked you about your read on the Strauss-Howe generational theory in 2021. I just want to second that I would love to hear your take on this in today's context. After reading the Fourth Turning, I feel like everything I hear - especially from Breaking Points - reinforces the idea that we are in our crisis period. But am I reading the tea leaves to fit this world view, or does the world really reflect this theory? Also, I've been listening to the show for a while, and just became a premium member because I realized that you guys are my go-to for information nearly every day now. Thank you for what you do. And thank you for brining in Counterpoints! Ryan and Emily are fantastic and I look forward to hearing their perspectives every Wednesday.

Cut out the arrogance!

Krystal's take on Doug Burgum was quite bitter. We can criticize this policies and even raise issues about conflict of interest. But the arrogant bitter way in which Krystal addressed him ("where does your confidence come from?") tells she is taking out all her bitterness from her losing campaign back when she ran on this poor guy. People have all sorts of ambitions. Let's not belittle someone else's ambition but objectively speak about their policies etc. We have had boring presidents btw.

For Sagar About Aliens

what is your comment on this? I asked Bard