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Biden wants us to be pulled into a war?

Do you believe that Biden wants us to be pulled into war, just so he can try to save his election? In the past, Presidents would try to get into wars before the election so they can say “Vote for me to keep us safe.” I believe Biden is so delusional that he is hoping for this. He is hoping to be pulled into the Israeli Iran war. Do you agree or not? Love what you do, please keep up the good work. Thanks.

Scott Ritter's take on Iran's attack on Israel

From what you have been reporting about the attack on Israel by Iran, which is somewhat close to how many other news sites, have you looked at Scott Ritter's analysis of Iran's attack on Israel and how effective it actually was? I ask you and anyone who reads this to look at some of his analysis on how Irans response was extremely effective at letting both the US and Israel know how capable their military abilities are. Basically, the 99% of drones/missiles shot down were decoys but 5 of the 7 missiles that were targeting Israeli military base was able to penetrate the most secure base "in the world", according to Ritter, and strike the very base that carried out the attack on the Iranian Embassy in Syria.

Gathering of the Kyles

Krystal, My town (Kyle, TX) is having its second annual Kyle Fair May 17-19 and one of the events at the fair is the gathering of the Kyles. They are trying to set a Guinness Book record for the most Kyles gather in the same place at once. Can you pass the word to your Kyle and see if he can make? Kyle, TX is about 20 miles south of Austin so it’s not a terrible commute once you get to Austin. Big fan of the show. Thank you.

Iran retaliation intentionally geared to minimize damage?

Hi guys, You guys seem to be making conflicting comments on the Iranian retaliation against Israel: On one hand, you guys say that Iran did not intend to inflict significant damage on Israel (I actually agree with this); and on the other hand, you both seem to lament the fact that the US and other allies potentially shot the majority of the projectiles out of the sky (the implication being that Israel would not be able to do so on its own). I am curious if you are implying that Iran knew that all of these countries would come to Israel's defense, because otherwise, if this attack was not perfectly coordinated between Iran and the US/ US allies, you seem to allude to the idea that Israel could not wholly defend against this attack and therefor much greater damage would have been done. Love the show, thanks!


Krystal went on the air today to discuss Israel's strike on Iran and said that Israel started the whole thing by striking their embassy in Syria. COMPLETELY ignoring the constant missiles being shot into Israel by Iran's proxys. As if Israel was completely unprovoked. It's dishonest and her seething hatred for Israel has made her coverage so painful to listen to