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New Constitutional Convention?

The extreme right wing, like members of what’s called the “Kochtapus”, have been playing the long game and, patiently waiting for the opportunity for a new Constitutional Convention to forever LOCK IN Corporatism and, PREVENT any Progressive legislation, IF a truly left wing, FDR Party ever does take power in the future. Do you think it will be possible IF the Democrats are obliterated at the Federal & state levels in 2022/2024 thus, right wing Republicans can ram rod extremist ideals into the US Constitution? I’m truly worried about this scenario!

Vote shaming the left in 2024?

Krystal, in 2021 you seemed legitimately prepared to withhold your vote for Biden after Bernie dropped out-until Trump suggesting unleashing the military on the protests about halfway through the Summer, at which point you and (from my recollection) any other leftist who had felt the same way saw that as a move too far and was enough to decide to vote against Trump by voting for Biden. I felt similarly, but after the last 9 months of Bidens failed promises, plus the few "progressive legislatures" not even making an attempt to use the power they have for anything significant when there were many opportunities to do so.....I can't see myself making that mistake again. I'm wondering what your viewpoint is?

Did BP follow up the charges of Fauci's involvement with experiments on beagles?

I learned of the beagle scandal from Breaking Points. I wondered why the horror wasn't covered by the MSM, later saw that it all over right-wing media I monitor. Your coverage, I recall, was measured and skeptical. Perhaps I missed a follow-up commentary, though I am a frequent viewer. Love to hear your thoughts.

Vax mandate and Waukesha

Have you heard about this intersection of stories? The Children's Wisconsin Hospital fired hundreds of staff via their Covid vaccine mandate, and are now having trouble treating children injured at the Waukesha parade:

National Debt

Why dont yall ever talk about the national debt/ deficit? It seems that no one wants to address it. I just don't understand how people can continue to ignore this. It can't be sustainable for a nation to keep adding to its debt like we are now. Am I missing something? Thanks for yalls super straight forward and honest coverage of current events!