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Vax mandate and Waukesha

Have you heard about this intersection of stories? The Children's Wisconsin Hospital fired hundreds of staff via their Covid vaccine mandate, and are now having trouble treating children injured at the Waukesha parade:

National Debt

Why dont yall ever talk about the national debt/ deficit? It seems that no one wants to address it. I just don't understand how people can continue to ignore this. It can't be sustainable for a nation to keep adding to its debt like we are now. Am I missing something? Thanks for yalls super straight forward and honest coverage of current events!

Name names! Corruption in politics

I'm an anti - corruption voter. Which means I have very little incentive to vote for most Democrats and Republicans. Could you do a segment that highlights some of the corruption or representatives are engaged in? Insist trading, pay-to - play, etc.

One thing you would change about your political party?

Whether you're a republican or democrat, what would be at the top of your wish list to change?

Zaid Jilani

When are you going to have Zaid back on!?