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my lord that was embarrassing to watch

I recently saw a post from Saagar on r/facepalm with the hilarious twitter post about Europe I just watched you try to defend. They had done the good deed of blocking out your name but of course I recognized your profile pic. I thought, surely that cant actually be what he was saying, it must have been satire where he was actually talking about the U.S. but pretending it was Europe. Kind of like that last scene in The Dictator where he's really talking about the U.S. autocracy but pretending he's talking about a middle eastern country. Then, ugh, I come on here and see its not only true but you're actually doubling down! Dude! Over the last few months I've been watching less and less breaking points mostly because I'm interested in the Russia/Ukraine conflict and the reporting is much better through other independent outlets but watching this cringey exchange might actually have been a bridge too far. Funny, because its probably the most trivial. I've witnessed your overt racism towards anything Chinese or Russian and your misguided ideas of American exceptionalism on full display in the past. I get it, you're American, racism is kinda your thing, but this was ridiculous! I realized all at once I've been listening to political analysis from a fucking child! What an immature display. In that one segment you finally lost me. After following you guys for...I want to say maybe 5 years, I now realize I cant rationalize your racism or just general lack of worldly view point anymore. Its actually you. You're so stuck in that hilariously delusional "Murica is the greatest country in the world" that you've forgotten it's a lie. So my question is...Is there any chance of getting a show with Krystal and maybe someone like, oh I don't know, Max Blumenthal or Vanessa Beely or Abby Martin, Aaron Mate, Chris Hedges, Richard Wolff, Ben Swann, or Ben Norton would be great. Anyone else who's actually a serious journalist instead of having Captain Americas discarded sidekick. I don't think Staagar spangled blabber should be cancelled on anything. He can go run his own show with an equally uninformed sidekick of his own. I'll keep my subscription til it runs out but I wont be renewing. Hopefully we get to see Krystal spread her wings and achieve her full protentional in the future if she can shed the cling on holding the show back.

ESG vs. SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals / Agenda)

Hi Krystal and Saagar, Your views on ESG are well known, but I would be interested to hear your views on an adjacent topic: sustainable development and the SDG effort to blend environmental, human rights, and trade policy. Do you distingish between 'ESG,' pushed by finance, and 'SDG,' the result of a 2015 GA Resolution? To what extent do SDGs suffer from the same lip-service and corporate manipulation? Do you think the sustainable development agenda can be effective, where ESG is not? And what to make of US apathy towards trade policy in developing nations as power projection, vs EU SDG enthusiasm, vs Chinese economic power projection often at the expense of SDGs? Great show--been with you since The Hill-- Andrew

Non-western view

I just discovered WION on youtube. It is an Indian news station. Covers the world, Interesting outlook. Thought you might be interested. Love the show. Thnks.

More Cybersecurity/Tech Coverage?

Hey guys! Longtime "Rising" viewer and OG Donator here, do you have plans to have more coverage of cybersecurity news/events? I work in the industry, and am happy to provide background or point the way if needed. A lot of these hacks have far reaching consequences for consumers, and regular primers on data security can help prevent things like Women telling on themselves in abortion restricted states through their phone data. This is a huge area of American life, and not enough people are minding the store.

Honeymoon Travel Recommendation

My fiancée and I are planning our honeymoon for next fall/winter. We’re definitely thinking somewhere warm, relaxing and by the ocean. Any recommendations or favorite spots? And Saagar—since you’re so well traveled—are there any less well known locations around the world you would recommend? Europe perhaps?