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Current and potential new Barstool Conservatives

As a fellow barstool conservative, who in Congress best exemplifies the principles of barstool conservatism? Who are some candidates that are not currently in the House or Senate that would fit the mold (both of you have mentioned John Fetterman)?

YouTube feed has Breaking Points!

Been a lifetime subscriber since day one and watch the premium releases on YT. Until today BP has NEVER appeared in my generic algo'd YT feed. All of the sudden BP short clips are in abundance! Has the demonetizing stopped? Have you gamed the system? Have you whipped the corporate Cossacks into submission? Breakers want to know!

Thoughts on The Economist publication

Hi Krystal and Saagar, wanted to know your views on The Economist? Neo-liberal bluedog propaganda or trustworthy print media?

What if Russia successfully takes over

What if Russia succeeds in taking over Ukrainian. What will the USA and nato do? Will they continue with sanctions? Because if Bidens answer is that we continue as long as it takes to prevent Russia from taking over Ukraine. 4-5 $ a gallon for gas is only the beginning.

What If

What if Brandon died? The shit show would be indescribable. Thought’s