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Music preferences

Do you guys have a favorite band? What bands or music are you currently listening to?

No Tax Cuts

If the Bush and Trump Tax cuts hadn’t happened how would the federal budget have changed, and how would income equality have changed? Would we have much less a deficit (a given), and would we have more resources to attach big projects?

Corporate Subsidies

I would love to hear about, in detail, corporate subsidies. I would like to know how much, who gets them, purpose, and real impact on market behaviors.

Will Lehman

I was wondering if ya'll watched the debate of UAW presidential candidates? Have you any plans to cover this historic election? I am a retired from General Motors and will be voting for Will Lehman, Macunzie, Pennsylvania Mack Truck worker. Will calls himself a socialist. I would qualify that designation' as his platform states workers need to organize on a global scale, and suggest that he is more specifically a Trotskyist or perhaps Internationalist. Perhaps you could have him on the show. Thanks Bruce.

Krystal has a wikipedia page. Saagar doesn't. What gives

Why doesn't Saagar Enjeti have his own Wikipedia page.