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Why doesn’t the DNC want Bernie to be president? I’ve been told because they don’t think he would win, but I don’t believe that answer.. I think he would have won 2016 easily.

American Capitalism

When I was going to school in the late 80’s/early 90’s (yeah – I’m old!), I remember learning about American capitalism. I was taught that although businesses should make money, there were also certain businesses that had to be run by the government because they couldn’t make a profit without pricing out the people who needed the service. The example was always public busing. If public busing was run to make a profit, it would be too expensive for those who needed it. As an adult looking at the several problems we face, I keep thinking about this lesson. One of the most obvious examples being in healthcare and insulin. Pricing healthcare out of the reach of the unhealthy makes zero sense. Was I the only one who learned about this in school? Did this view change over time or was I a super naïve child who believed the fairy tale fed to me? Thanks for creating such a great show! I love you guys!

Live Shows!

Hey KNS! Have you considered for future live shows having a "pay-per-view" for the people who would like to attend, but can't because they don't live in the area (i.e. the Chicago show)?

Ukrainian student in my child's preschool, thoughts?

Hello! I recently learned at my child's preschool on the Main Line outside of Philadelphia there is a Ukrainian student. She does not speak English, her family was in Germany for 6 months and is now in the United States. She seems very sweet and gets along with all of the other children, but we are aware she likely doesn't pay tuition, and the family is getting quite a bit of special treatment. While this is certainly out of the goodness of people's hearts at the school, I can't help but think about American children in the ghettos of Philadelphia 15 miles away who are deserving of a free opportunity like this. What are your thoughts? This is a privately run preschool so it is certainly up to the owner how they run everything. It's not like our taxes are paying for it, but obviously our tuition money is.

Disability and Medicare

I would love for one of you to dig into the horrible practice of a two year waiting period for Medicare once you are granted permanent disability from the government. I am ok because I had a job that had great benefits if you become disabled but I am very worried about others . This makes no sense to me