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So Exactly Why is Israel "Our Closets Ally"?

We keep hearing it, but no one ever follows up with anything beyond it being "the only democracy in the Middle East." (PHBBBBT!) There was one anecdote about a U.S. general calling it "our aircraft carrier on dry land" that will do what the U.S. wants. (Really? ... REALLY?) So forgetting AIPAC and the scary number of apocalyptic sects, please steel-man the case for America's unconditional pro-Israel policies.

Can you please do some research before downplaying a genocide

I saw you talk about Srebrenica saying 8000 killed and that is considered a genocide... not even close to Gazza Did you know 8000 were killed in 4 days in mass execution and exterminations? Did you know 100 000 people died. Are you out of your mind to compare it to Srebrenica where 8000 PEOPLE WERE EXECUTED IN 4 DAYS ???? as a survivor, I am disgusted.

Do you think debates are getting more popular?

Hey y’all, been a big fan for a while and a premium subscriber since day 1 one of BP! Do you think debates are getting more popular? Maybe they’ve always been, and I just haven’t been fully aware of them, but it seems to me like I’m seeing more topic-driven debates with notable participants . I’m specifically thinking of things like the debate that Saagar just hosted centered on the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Free Press debate on the Sexual Revolution last fall, and even the Newsom vs. Desantis debate. I also wonder if it’s at all correlated to the lack of presidential debates. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts. Love the show, keep it up!

Weed & SUVs

Big fan of the show, Day 1 subscriber. I'm curious to hear the case why Americans owning SUVs is part of the American way of life, but weed isn't. More than half of new cars bought today are SUVs, despite them being more likely to fatally injure pedestrians in an accident. But interestingly it's cannabis users and their "putrid smoke" that are "ruining public spaces." If you could make either of these disappear overnight, which would it be and why is it weed, Saagar? Unrelated, but a good plot twist for the Breaking Points cinematic universe would be for Saagar to be a massive pothead. Homie doth protest too much.

The Freaks Came Out to Write

Hi Saagar I’m wondering if you’ve read/listened to the book “The Freaks Came Out to Write” about the history of the Village Voice? Knowing your love of history and reporting, I think you’d really like it if you haven’t already read it. Putting aside the left leaning politics of the Village Voice, their news gathering and cutting edge reporting of everyday events oftentimes preceded the pages of the NY Times. My question, do you think Breaking Points could evolve into a modern day Village Voice? And would you want it to be that voice? Sincerely, James