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Grim blocks members on Twitter

Why does Ryan Grim block and mute paying BP members on Twitter?

Semiconductor manufacturing

Hello thanks for everything y’all do BP is a literal blessing for my mental health😂❤️. Do you think it’s wise to build so much of our semiconductor capacity in Arizona? Given it’s one of the most dry states and has some of the least renewable sources of water in the country. I can’t find any plans to ensure 10 years down the line the people of Arizona won’t be bidding for water against the fabs. I also can’t find plans on how to replace the Colorado river source should it continue to be depleted. Seems like corruption to me but maybe I’m wrong. Thanks

The future of union organizing

Hi Kyrstal and Saagar, I recommend checking out the canadapublicservants subreddit, specifically the WFH threads. There's a very interesting story developing there that will change the world. Regards,

Story in Tenino, WA affecting family safety

Hello, OG premium subscriber here. I have a friend living in WA state. Per him, The state government worked with a private group to rehouse violent sex offenders deemed to dangerous to live in society in an unsecured house, with internet access in an area where families with small children live in groves. Per my friend, this was a hush hush move between a private group and state govt officials to get move violent sex offenders off a secure island into this house/area. When locals found out about it and started mobilizing through social media their posts were shadow banned. Seems like something Saagar would cover. Just FYI. Sorry to use the AMA feed. Didn’t know how else to reach you.

You Were taken By Another Story in the NYT - Arizona "Suburb of Scottsdale" Loses Water

As a loyal viewer and subscriber, I love what the two of you have done, both at the Hill and independently at Breaking Points. I may not agree with one or the other on an issue, yet I can respect the point of view as articulated and these articulations often enlighten my own point of view. Unfortunately, as we all have, you fell victim to a terribly reported and frankly silly article by the New York Times about a ‘suburb of Scottsdale’ losing its water rights. The New York Times misled to create a story about water, to advocate for a false narrative about water scarcity. I will not belabor this point: it is clear not you (Saagar) or you (Krystal) ever took the time to do one simple thing in researching this story…look at a map. Rio Verde Foothills, from my house in Scottsdale, is 41 miles. Look at Google maps. It is on the EAST SIDE of the McDowell Mountain Preserve and Regional Park. I would attach a screenshot, I do not believe it would be supported in this ‘question box’ medium. It is easily a 45 minute drive, without traffic. And there is always traffic, people going to McDowell Mountain and the preserve. It is like saying that D.C. and Richmond are close neighbors and their outlying suburbs are within walking distance. Both Saagar and Krystal noted…it gets hot in Arizona. What does water do in heat? Right, it evaporates. So in order to get water that far, for so few people, without it evaporating, you have to go through an arduous and expensive method of trucking it, right? This isn’t Lyndon Johnson bringing power to the people of southwest Texas. Nor, is this a close neighbor just asking for a little water. The people that moved out there wanted all the luxury and amenity of living in a place like Scottsdale…without any of the TAXES. So they had to move far away, to the unincorporated desert. These residents wanted to believe a lie and they found it. All the benefits of upscale Arizona living, none of the costs. This attitude was even noted by Saagar and Krystal in the failure of these people to band together for their common good regarding obtaining water because it would too much mirror ‘big government’ reentering their lives. If these people represented the colonies during the constitutional conventions, we’d all be British subjects. I do feel for these people as a resident of Scottsdale. Mostly because they faithfully believed in a desert illusion, a mirage. And they found coyotes willing to sell it to them. This is a hard, terrible way to learn a lesson: for both them, and you (Saagar and Krystal). Again…The New York Times misled to create a story about water, to advocate for a false narrative about water scarcity. And it appears we all bought it. Always.Be.Vigilant. It is what got you to where you both are. Patrick Nackley