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Hire a Libertarian and change the name to Balanced Points

kidding on the name change, but I understand since inception of the show, both of your viewpoints of Libertarians have been less than ideal (honestly, fair, party is rebuilding). I do however feel like the alienation of the third largest political group in the US hurts the show. Adding a fifth person to the show will balance out the two Republican and two Democrat views will truly "balance" out the views on the show. Plus you will draw the libertarian crowd, who already have disdain for commercial media.

Saager & Boomers

Does Saagar not like Baby Boomers? Granted, Boomers have, these past 40 years, contributed substantially to our political, economic, environmental mess -- eg, wealth inequality, climate change. But some of us Boomers do want a better world. I have subscribed to Breaking Points from the start, and watched Rising before that. Besides, for every corrupt Boomer in Congress, eg, Joe Manchin, there's a younger generation Kyrsten Sinema just as corrupt. Maybe a single generational group isn't to blame. Your show often ends with an expression of affection for us all. While Krystal's fondness extends, I'm sure, to Boomers, Saagar may not feel the same. How about surveying your audience to see how many are Boomers? Saagar might be surprised. What are your viewers' generational demographics? Always your loyal Boomer fan, Saagar's too, Steven Csik, Boise Idaho

Speculation on George Santos

Is it possible that George/Anthony ran for congress as a money making scam and accidentally won?

The fair solution to the classified document problem for the DOJ

Indite them both Spock!

Privatizing Social Security

I know you guys always talk about how bad it would be to privatize social security. I guess I don’t know what “privatizing” means, but to me the answer would be to make social security a defined contribution plan as opposed to a defined benefit plan. I don’t think anyone can argue that social security provides a better return than a traditional 401(k) plan. I know I have read articles about people who have put away the same amount of money into a brokerage account as what was being put into social security and their brokerage account will provide a better retirement. Full disclosure I am only 29 so I haven’t paid into SS my entire life, but the answer is to calculate individuals total contributions to social security and run a calculation based on the S&P 500 return over the span of their contribution lifetime and fund their account with that amount of money.