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Potential path to peace on Earth

On a recent episode of the JRE, Joe brought up the idea of a site or channel that has plays all the raw, unedited footage of the war in Ukraine. Here in the US, we are so removed from all the violence that happens around the world. Do you think something like this could be a step in the right direction to de-escalating and reducing the frequency of hot international conflict?

The Disclosure Project

Guys love both. Saw you in Boston. (Kyle's much taller than I imagined) Anyway, as I have prodded you in the past to interview - on a deeper dive - Dr. Steven Greer. He has about 1000 insiders and whistle blowers from from Deep projects related to advanced technologies - e.g. UAV's - and free energy project. Please watch Unacknowledged - on Amazon. From there you can delve into the rest of his team's work over the past 30 years. Jeremy Corbell is a rank amateur. Thanks!

Military Recruiting and Neoliberal use of Military

I would like to know what Breaking Points thinks is the issue with Military recruiting crashing. It is in my opinion, the biggest foreign policy issue not really being discussed. And how that crash correlates with men leaving society. My curiosity peaked after reading the replies to the new "Be All You Can Be" rollout by the Army Secretary and it is not for the faint of heart Thank You Sean

Are progressives becoming more conservative?

Hi Krystal and Saagar. New Canadian Premium Sub here. Your show is fantastic and is exactly what we need more of (especially up here in boring old Canada). Like both of you, I've been around the political block. At 38 (39 in June) I have been a back room political operator, campaign manager, political staffer and was elected myself to the local School Board (and was also Chair for my final year). I didn't run for re-election for a number of reasons, but largely because I felt politically lost and disconnected. Afte having been endorsed by local labour unions, and being a labour activist myself, it was surprising over the years of elected office to see unions and union aligned people start turning against me. This came to a head when our Board suspended two trustees after an internal investigation concluded they had bullied and harassed staff. The bizarre thing I've been experiencing is that I can't decide if I'm becoming more conservative, or if the politically engaged public is more polarized than ever before? Yes, I'm approaching 40, and people generally moderate as they age, but I don't really feel like most of my key opinions and positions have changed. So have I, or is the world around me? Thanks again. I've hosted podcasts myself and love your work. Keep it up! Ryan Painter Victoria BC Canada

Student Loan Forgiveness Thought Experiment

I’ve been running a thought experiment in my head regarding student loan forgiveness. If a credit card company decided to forgive up to $10,000 on everyone’s accounts would those opposing student loan relief, feel the same? If not, is it because the credit card company is a private company? In this scenario, it doesn’t guarantee a change in how the credit card company does business; it doesn’t justify/condemn the purchases made by people on their credit card; it doesn’t change the fact that others have worked to pay off their credit card debt; and it doesn’t cost the company anything other than the effort to collect the money. Is this a fair analogy or not? What are the differences between the two? Even as I type this, I can tell you it ‘feels’ different to me, but I can’t put my finger on the difference. However, I am reluctant to oppose something on how it feels versus the facts. My own biases: I’m old (47). I’ve paid off all my student loans. I’ve worked in higher ed all my life. I appreciate you taking the time to think this out with me. Love the show!