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Neocon Foreign Policy family Kagans

I was curious about this new group called the Institute for the Study of War or ISW, quoted in places like the NY Times. Did a little digging and voila, i found the First family of the Neocons founded it and are in charge of it and it is funded by apparently the MIC contractors. The first family is The Kagan family. Victoria Nuland is wife to Robert Kagan, "a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution" and head Neocon cheerleader for wars with a monthly OPED at the WAPO. Just a bit more digging and i found that that Nuland/Kagan have a son, recently graduated from College as a starting Running Back. I can find no indication that he is serving in the US military. This is true for almost every single war supporter in power in this country reference their offspring serving from my research. Anyway, i think, and hope you will as well, that it is worthy of discussion and i included a link discussing the family and ISW.

Audio only Spotify

I don't care about the video on Spotify. Only the audio. But it seems now that I have to wait much longer to listen to the show. Any work around for that?

Did Bernie get the new post as a reward for not running?

Hey guys. Great to see Bernie's new Chairman assignment for the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee. It seems like a high-impact assignment where he can make a difference. Would you agree? And if so, do you think this appointment was a pat on the back for not standing in Biden's way for re-election?

Spotify is good for video but...

the app is not slick and the video takes longer than in other podcast platforms. My pick is overcast!

What Does Breaking Points Look Like When It Eventually Kills CNN?

It's no surprise that as cable-news ratings plummet, the audience for independent news media/journalism rises. Obviously, Breaking Points offers a far superior product than anything on cable (and dare I say, the internet?), and is well positioned to grow and expand over the next decade to the point of being as well-known as CNN/Fox News/MSNBC in the national news-media landscape. With such massive growth potential, what does Breaking Points (as both a product and a brand) look like when it reaches those levels? That is, does it continue to expand by hiring more journalists and content creators to the point of operating as a full-fledged news network? Or, does Breaking Points stick to its current format/lineup, regardless of the size of the audience?