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Fighting inflation with deflation

I assume it's not as easy as fighting up with down, but even if we get inflation "under control" prices still end up still high. Is there a reason why we couldn't do some sort of controlled deflation to fight prices?

COVID vaccines

What is a reliable piece of reporting regarding COVID vaccines? Both about the history of the COVID vaccines up until now and for ongoing news regarding the vaccines.

Internship, Volunteer... Anything?

Hi guys, huge fan of BP. Been listening for years now and can honestly say you have become an integral part of my daily routine and life. I am 38 years old, fresh out of a gnarly divorce, and about to graduate with a degree in political science. Don't knock my return to academia, Sagaar, I get it, I get it... this is a total shot in the dark but I would kick myself for not asking. Would you guys have any interest in taking on a volunteer? I am a hard worker, willing to move or work remotely, love media, independent pods, a talented writer and speaker. Either way, all the best. Keep doing what you're doing. Christina

What switch?

I've heard Krystal say on numerous occasions that folks in charge were "asleep at the switch". I've heard of "asleep at the wheel" before, which means the driver messed up (wrecked, crashed, or caused damage). I've never heard of "asleep at the switch". Does it mean turning on the light switch to shed light on a subject? I don't get it. What is inferred by this idiom?

Book Recs

Hey Saagar and Krystal! Love your work and book recommendations. In the last year, I've read numerous books I heard about from you guys. I am about to start teaching 7th grade SS in Louisiana. And would love some recommendations on books to read to better understand the content. Here is a summary of the course: "In this course, students will examine the development of the early republic, the Louisiana Purchase, the War of 1812, westward expansion, social and political reform movements of the nineteenth century, the growth of nationalism and sectionalism, the Civil War, and the Reconstruction period." Not worried if this gets read on the AMA but would love some books to read! Thanks!