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Max Azzarello Manifesto

Hello Krystal and Saagar I have been a listener to the show for a long time and a more recent premium subscriber. I first saw you two on the Joe Rogan Experience and think it’s great how you sniff out the bullshit from both sides, along with Ryan and Emily. … I have been looking into the incident where a man lit himself on fire outside of the Trump trial in protest to the US government, claiming it to be a kleptocracy. I have read his manifesto on substack, and i have to say, it’s believable from a 24 year olds perspective. I have only seen news sites discarding this person to be a conspiracist with mental health issues. I would love to hear what you guys think of this event and this now deceased man’s claims.

How can this be ok?

Government buying influence with local media?:,207362

Domestic issues

Any plans to cover stories such as East Palestine railroad poisoning the community. Flint Michigan water crisis, Kalamazoo Michigan air quality crisis, Jackson Mississippi water crisis, New Orleans water crisis, Hawaii recovery after fire destroyed a whole community, and last West Virginia coal mine company poisoning water supply. Curious about your thoughts on these issues, I woke up to the news that we passed another foreign aid package for Ukraine and Israel this morning. We seem to have no problem giving tax dollars to foreign countries but for some reason find it difficult to give equivalent aid to our own country. Thoughts?

A B-P Sunday Show

Hi Saagar & Krystal, as a founding subscriber, I so much appreciate what ya'll launched and your continued very good service. I have an idea, that I am guessing that you likely have already thought about, but, either way, here it is: It is time to have a new Sunday news show that is independently produced, balanced and fully representative politically. I can think of no group better than yours to produce this. As an example, I was a long time viewer of The McLaughlin Group, which has you know was extremely successful for many years until the last few years of its struggling existence before it completely shut down. If my memory is correct, I believe that you Saagar had even been a guest commentator on at least one edition of The McLaughlin Group. Anyway, I think ya'll are very well placed to do this, and it is much needed. As far as format, I think the general format of The McLaughlin Group was very good and you should generally adopt, with the following differences please: 1) do not only include D-left and R-right reps -- please also include independents (as you know are now in the majority or very near so), 2) ensure that you have long-form of at least one hour and preferably 90 minutes per edition, 3) ensure that you have at least some permanent and guest reps on the show that are somewhat or much younger than the reps The McLaughlin Group had (they realized their mistake late in their history and tried to bring in some younger guest reps, including you Saagar and a younger host in Tom Rogan) but by then their viewership had been dwindling...), 4) include more international guest reps. Please make this happen!

The Freaks Came Out to Write - Part 2

Hi Ryan I sent this same message to Saagar yesterday and just now I remembered Krystal and Saagar saying that you and Emily will be doing your own AMA on Counter Points. I’m wondering if you’ve read/listened to the book “The Freaks Came Out to Write” about the history of the Village Voice? Knowing your love of history and reporting, I think you’d really like it if you haven’t already read it. Putting aside the left leaning politics of the Village Voice, their news gathering and cutting edge reporting of everyday events oftentimes preceded the pages of the NY Times. My question, do you think Counter Points could evolve into a modern day Village Voice? And would you want it to be that voice? Sincerely, James