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Incumbent Election Interference

Big Fan of the Show. Love ya Saagar, and know at some point you will come around to the right side of the cannabis debate. :) What are the rules in regards to Election interference with an outgoing 2 term Incumbent President? In the future 2028 Elections (not that far away) after Trump/Biden are not eligible to run again, is there a limit to which the outgoing incumbent can endorse their party's candidate? Especially if Trump is in office, the white house administration statements are amplified to a wider audience. How did Obama handle the elections on his way out?

Do "pro-lifers" really just want birth and not worry about any of the details beyond birth?

Hey Krystal and Sagar! Shout out to Ryan and Emily! Great show! Love it! Sorry if this long and worded weird but here goes... If life begins at conception, how come that is not reflected in tax law? I mean I feel that if fetus is recognized as a person, should qualify as a dependent, even if (sadly, tragically) miscarried. Should citizenship be granted to unborn fetuses since they seem to get legal protections recognized by (state) government? Also, should the unborn fetus have a choice to qualify to be covered by the father's insurance and not just the mother's? Also, why don't "pro-lifers" stand up against companies that poison children (i.e. Notably Kraft-Heinz aka Oscar Meyer having heavy metals in Lunchables and baby formula and toxic chemicals in baby/childcare products)?

Project 2025

Longtime fan since the early, "Rising" days, and BP subscriber since Day 1. Many neoliberals are panicking about Project 2025. Meanwhile, the viral, "We're white liberals" tiktok refers to underrepresented groups saying Project 2025 has been in motion since the 1970s and 1980s. How true is that claim? And what concern, if any, do you feel about Project 2025?

What is "The Establishment"?

Y'all throw that term around cavalierly as if it had an actual definition. I grok the "military industrial complex" and the "politically connected upper class" but what in the Hell is "The Establishment"?

Israel Palestine debate last week

Saagar, did you enjoy hosting the debate last week? You did a great job moderating but couldn't help notice that you were agreeing a lot to Dave Smiths arguments. Also you should tell him how to pronounce your name. It's "Saaaagar" not "Sgaar".Krystal being objective, could you provide your insights on the debate as well.djd you learn anything new from it. I don't think I did but then again I have listened to Dave and sometimes Cenk as well.