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India is technically not a Hindu state

Israels defenders make the argument that like India, is the only hindu state, Israel is the only Jewish state. That is not the case. India has a majority of Hindus but is not technically a Hindu state. Also they have had a non Hindu prime minister. Are there comparisons to be made between Oct 07 and the 07/11 beutual attacks in India. Can the world learn from how India responded and got rid of the terrorist problem.

Columbia anti-semitism

Any thoughts on protestors telling Jewish kids to "go back to Poland", and waving Hamas flags? It got so bad the head of the school is saying there will be remote class for today.

Supporting/interviewing third-party candidates.

The last counterpoints AMA, Emily asked if the reason Jill Stein might not be polling higher is because no one is throwing their support behind her with a platform like you breaking points. Ryan's response was something like, you have to maintain integrity as reporters, because it would reflect poorly on you if you threw your support behind a Jill Stein or Cornell West and they only ended up getting 4% of the vote. I think this is a misread of your audience. You would 100% get my full respect if you threw your support behind the candidate you most ideologically align with, while acknowledging that you are using your platform to build momentum around 3rd party candidates. This is the long game, but if other indie media starts following suit, maybe 1, 2, or 3 elections down the road, enough of a movement will be built for getting a third party in office that they can actually win. What do you think about this? Also, the thing about Jill Stein not having a strong campaign, I think the "not genocide" position is 👌

What does my subscription add to my experience?

I've noticed that clips of your regular production appear on YouTube before they show up in the daily feed. I fully support you all, but I thought I would have instant access to the show at or before the time that clips start showing up. What's the deal? What do I actually get for my subscription? It's fair to acknowledge technical difficulties or any other obstructions, but please make my subscription somewhat valuable.

Palestinians are not just victims!

Is this subconscious racism in the media? Coverage of the war in Gaza often paints Palestinians as mere victims. For decades, Palestinians have demonstrated remarkable strength and perseverance in the face of adversity. Their resistance has taken many forms—from peaceful protests and political activism to cultural preservation, community solidarity, and armed resistance. These actions are not just responses to conflict; they are affirmations of their rights, heritage, and aspirations for a dignified life. However, reducing the Palestinian experience to one of mere victimhood strips away the complexity and agency of an entire people. Such portrayals can inadvertently perpetuate stereotypes of passivity and helplessness, undermining the respect and recognition they deserve. By consistently portraying Palestinians only as victims, the media can contribute to a form of narrative racism that denies their full humanity. It is time for our narratives to reflect the complete picture. We need to acknowledge and highlight the hopeful and active resistance of Palestinians. This more balanced approach would not only provide a deeper understanding of the Palestinian experience but also promote a more respectful and empathetic discourse. I urge your coverage to lead the way in embracing and disseminating this more comprehensive and empowering portrayal of Palestinians. Give due respect to their agency, resilience, and the undying hope that defines their struggle.