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Anyone else want to see him do his monolog on krystals BS and refusal to take accountability. I mean right while she is sitting there too. it would be top 10 internet for sure and honestly i bet what he secretly wants to do.

Perplexed and concerned (FEEDBACK)

This seems to be the only place I can give feedback so I am doing that. I am in my second year of annual membership but have some concerns about continuing my support. Two recent events impacted me enough to lead me to give this feedback. The latest took place on a recent episode while discussing the debt ceiling negotiations where Krystal called Republicans "economic terrorists". She opposes their position and approach, I get it, but calling those with opposing positions "terrorists" is CNN like behavior and unprofessional. It is over the top, unbalanced, and divisive on every level. The second was during the interview with RFK Jr. I have seen others already comment on this as well. Krystal was again way over the top in driving her own "righteous" view instead of simply flushing out the candidates positions. I have no problem with her pointing out to RFK (or any other candidate) that others held very different feelings, however Krystal wanted to win her personal position and argument here and wouldn't let go. It was painfully obvious to anyone listening that this was personal. I listen to the show almost every day because I want hear a broader viewpoint than my own right centrist (more libertarian) worldview. That is why I subscribe. I understand Krystal comes in with a progressive bent. I expect her to represent those arguments, which she does religiously, although there are times like the above, when she allows her personal view to overpower all those around her, including you Saagar, and that is the problem. In my opinion when faced with opposing views, she far too often dismisses them out of hand as though they are not only wrong but unworthy and irrelevant. I come to Breaking Points for a balanced presentation of the issues facing this country. Lose the balance in that presentation, then you lose me. My feedback, the show will retain its success and growth as long as Krystal is able to control the intensity of her personal views.

Krystals conflict of interest... stop being a coward and adress the situation!

Hi Krystal, can you please explain was the hatchet job interview you preformed with RFK Jr. purposely biased because you have a close relationship with his opponent in the presidential race Marianne Williamson?

Converting Commercial Real Estate to Residential

Can you go into more depth into the hardships associated w/ converting commercial real estate into residential? I would think that it would be expensive and would need assistance to change zoning. However, if I had a commercial building (or many) and with potentially to losing 40%+ and knew I could make up for it in residential, I would be compelled to make the investment. What are the pros/cons of doing this?

RFK JR. Interview

After careful consideration, I have decided to unsubscribe. Initially, I was drawn to this channel as it presented itself as a refreshing alternative to the plethora of platforms inundated with talking head ideologues. Regrettably, my conscience cannot allow me to support a platform that seemingly condones the dissemination of mass media propaganda under the guise of journalism. Krystal, in revealing her true disposition, has demonstrated an unfortunate similarity to other affluent liberals who lack depth and substance in their convictions. However, if Krystal owns up and apologizes, I'll resubscribe. So my question is, is Krystal going to address the RFK JR. interview?