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Zippered Hoodies

Will there be zippered hoodies on the breaking points store? I would wear that everywhere.

Krystal - Can you please invite RFK back so he can continue to interview you on your Covid position?

Seriously, Krystal, why did you behave with such bias with RFK? I subscribed to y'all for your objectivity and speaking to both sides of an issue. Didn't happen with RFK. Would you invite him back to have a proper debate / conversation - so perhaps we can listen to him ... and you? Thank you!

Is Desantis really loosing?

Are y'all thinking Desantis wont be selected for VP if he loses? Desantis voters can make a bet on Trump dying during his turm and it'll be a win-win for republicans. Desantis loves being #2, wouldn't it be the case? Corporate America will have to bite their tongue for more power even though they don't like Trump and fund their ticket.

Can you explain again

So, I don’t know if you guys are aware how toxic the YouTube comment section has gotten on your videos. Mostly right hating on Krystal. But one thing that I think is needed is for you guys to do a couple simple 5 minute clip addressing a couple things. 1. What the premise of the show is. People that have joined later don’t seem to understand that you guys are not without biased. As I understand it you are two biased people (4 with ryan and emily) talking about the news with civility. 1/2 your audience don’t seem to understand that and it’s getting really annoying and toxic. 2. Krystal needs to address two subjects. That Marianne is her friend and that she is still going to interview candidates in the future with that biases. Because it’s her channel dammit. And a quick playback of the receipts of what her stances and what she said about the vaccine during covid. People keep saying she was schilling for fauci and big pharma. Not true. But repeat a lie enough times. You don’t have to do any of this because you have plenty of of us who love and support your channel as long as you keep doing what you do. But it would definitely get some views, if there was a clip called, “Krystal addresses RFK interview” and “Was Krystal schilling for big pharma? She’s got receipts” lol 😂 Keep up the good work. Much love. Raquel

New Show Intro?

With the new set, would you consider using THIS as your new show intro?