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Rep primary-candidates smell blood?

Hi K & S! Got time for a quick conspiracy theory? What do you think of the notion that more candidates are joining the Republican Presidential primary because they think Trump is going to be incarcerated due to the classified docs case and/or Georgia election tampering (or any of the other investigations, which I don't think have enough teeth for serious jail time but hey I'm not a lawyer)?

Address the RFK backlash

Big fan and have been a sub for a long time. Just like many other post, I also found the interview was conducted in horrible taste using MSM tactics towards the end. I think addressing the backlash and being transparent is needed. That's truly what makes you guys different than all the other MSM shows.

Public Transportation

Could you cover public transportation, besides the airlines, from time to time? I think is critical to get people out of cars and on to safe dependable trains. And truly affordable. If you look at what it would cost me to drive into New York City for a day from New Haven, I may as well drive a car and pay to park, it will probably be cheaper. An affordable nationwide train system would get people out of their cars. Look at Japan, look at Europe.

Youtube podcasts

I think YouTube is slowly rolling out podcasts.

Youtube podcasts

I think YouTube is slowly rolling out podcasts. This could work better than spotify because it's fast, has video, can skip segments.